Adventure Camps

Shared adventures are the best tool for stretching your comfort zone, building significant memories, and instigating deeper interpersonal relationships. Additionally, adventure activities delivered in a Christian context offer unparalleled spiritual growth opportunities.

Every camp experience at Lion’s Ridge is tailored to meet your goals.  We host only one group at a time and set the schedule according to your plan. Bring your students, your leaders, and your discipleship curriculum.  Let us handle the logistics of food, facility, and fun in the mountains of Montana.  Contact us to begin building your tailored adventure camp experience.

Lion’s Ridge Stats:


The Gallatin National Forest comprises the north portion of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.   This is our hiking playground.  360 degrees of mountain range scenery surrounds the peak of Chestnut Mountain.  At 7500 feet and a two hour walk out the back door, we’ve developed quite a tradition of summiting our mountain with all ages and athletic abilities.  This day hike is a must do portion of your visit to Lions Ridge.


Rafting on the Gallatin River just north of Yellowstone National Park is one of the most scenic rafting experiences you can have in North America.  Lions Ridge exclusively uses Montana Whitewater to provide guided whitewater trips.  Be sure to schedule a half day rafting experience as part of your adventure camp or retreat.

Ice Climbing

Ice climbing in Hyalite Canyon south of Bozeman is some of the best natural ice in the world, but climbing on the Lions Ridge tower is a great way to learn a new sport without the risk or effort involved in climbing natural ice. Try a wild new sport on a winter retreat or during a conference at Lions Ridge

Rock Climbing

Yep, we provide safe and exciting Rock Climbing experiences for all ages and abilities. Schedule this activity as a solo training experience or build it into your summer camp schedule as a half day event for 12 people at a time.

Yellowstone National Park

The North entrance of Yellowstone National Park is just one hour south of Lions Ridge.  Yet, you’ll need the whole day to get a glimpse of this gem of America’s park system.  Your entrance fees and transportation costs are not included in a Lions Ridge rate, but we will provide your sack lunch and a good map of YNP’s hotspots.  (Pun intended…. ;-))

Mountain Man Challenge

Onsite activities at Lions Ridge are limited only by your imagination. Use our cargo tower, orienteering course, throwing axes, two man saws, or 100 acres of mountain forest to play, run, hide, or generally get your Montana qualified beard on.